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My focus as a UX/UI Designer

I started my career as a Graphic Designer. In doing so, my interest for the digital increased, so I worked as a Screen Designer and by the time I became a User Experience and User Interface Designer. This was a important step for me to increase the value of my work.

My focus as a UX/UI Designer is on understanding the user’s perception and needs. This job is not just about making something look beautiful; it’s also about integrating the psychological knowledge, apply empathy and make the website, app or software easy to use. Throughout the project I focus on the user to make sure that the content corresponds to what is expected and needed. This way I can create the best user experience by understanding the people I am designing for.

My design process:

From beginning to the end of a project I focus on a User-Centered Design which I achieve by considering both user and business goals. The briefing, the constant exchange with the customer and the use of the Empathic-Design-Process are very important to me to understand the customer and the user and to solve existing problems.

Where my inspiration come from:

To me inspiration matches with motivation. I always have a book with me on topics about self development, how to interact with people or about design. With these books I can learn the most for my job as designer but also for my personality. I also subscribed to newsletters, check websites like medium, t3n and follow interesting people on social media. What I really love is to go to conferences. It is the best way to connect with other creative people who inspire you.

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