Profilepicture Andrea Egger Graphic Design and UX/UI DesignProfilepicture Andrea Egger Graphic Design and UX/UI Design

I help to define and design content for digital products which correspond to what the user expects and needs.

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Hi! 👋 I'm Andrea Egger, a Graphic Designer from Italy, specialized in User Experience and User Interface Design with a passion for Empathic Design. Since October 2018 I am working as a Senior UX Expert for Roche Diagnostics AG in Switzerland.

During my career I had the privilege of working for automotive and real estate industries, banks and insurance agencies. 

My role involves distilling complex problems and business requirements into simple and elegant user experiences via the user centered design process. To achieve this and to produce the best solution I collaborate effectively with the team and the client.

Public Speaking

Empathic Webdesign, what is it and how can I use it for my work
Digitalvisions Vienna, 2015

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