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t3n magazine publication: Empathy in Webdesign

Making a design nice to look at is important, but don't forget to make it empathic and easy to use.


Egger Andrea Gastartikel t3n Magazin Ausgabe 52, 2018 Empathie im Webdesign


In the end of 2017 I had the opportunity to write an article for the german magazine t3n – digital pioneers about "empathy in webdesign". On four pages I wrote about the definition of empathy, the user-oriented design process and how a designer can make a website empathic.



It was a great experience to write this article for the t3n-readers and I want to thank to Lea Weitekamp, head of editorial, for her support.

Since October, 1 2018 my article is online. Have a look. 👩‍💻🙌

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